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    On the occasion of the 18th anniversary of the establishment of Beijing Furunda Group, our new website also met with everyone! International design style, convenient interface, Fu Runda unique main colors, you can let the world quickly understand the blessing Runda, recognized Furunda, concerned about Fu Runda! Due to the production time and other reasons, the site there are many deficiencies, we will gradually improve, and gradually improve. On behalf of the group leaders, all the shareholders and all the staff, to have been concerned about, concerned about the development of Fu Runda support all the friends, to Fu Runda to contribute to the development and growth of all employees, Development has made contributions but for various reasons left Fu Runda's old staff expressed gratitude!

    Through the website of this Internet carrier, we will be fully detailed, fast and timely, accurate and authoritative to introduce you Fu Runda! With the site of this platform, we will be more timely understanding of industry trends, market demand and customer requirements, to better show Fu Runda's new image, to better promote and enhance Fu Runda's brand image! We will focus on the development of new materials for the development of China to make an enterprise should contribute!

    In this hope that the community friends to increase the focus on the Fu Runda efforts for the construction and development of Fu Runda more valuable advice to make our business development more scientific, more standardized and more reasonable! We are willing to make friends and employees, We are more willing to make friends with customers, we are willing to compete with the industry as a friend!





      Friend Group Co., Ltd. Chairman: Zhou Changyan

    Beijing Furunda Group is a private high-tech enterprise integrating R & D, production, deep processing and sales. The core products of the group are insulating materials, SMC composites, GPO-3 composite materials and deep processing products of nonmetallic materials. Products are mainly used in the national electrical, electrical, military, transportation, aerospace and other fields, the core products have been used for "Shenzhou V" to "Shenzhou 10", "Chang'e" to "Chang'e III" and "Temple One "Series of key national aerospace projects. Fu Runda this loud brand along with the development of China's space industry is being the world's attention. The company is vice chairman of the China Electrical Equipment Industry Association Insulation Materials Branch unit, China Composites Industry Association vice director of the unit, is China's composite materials, insulation materials, one of the drafting of national standards.

    The company has always been to "develop new materials industry, build the world famous brand" for the industry goals. In 2006 with the Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Chemical Engineering jointly established a new R & D center R & D center, in 2007 the center was identified as the Beijing Enterprise Technology Center. The company has independent research and development capabilities, and through the authorization of the national invention patent 5, utility model 1. The company's core products have been exported to the United States, Brazil, Germany, Italy, Spain, Slovenia, Turkey, South Africa, South Korea, Malaysia, Ukraine, Ukraine, Ukraine, Ukraine, Ukraine, Ukraine, Ukraine And other dozens of countries and regions, the annual export volume of the Group's total sales of more than 50%. At the same time, with the superb technology, reliable quality, first-class standards, the company has become a qualified supplier of China Aerospace Group, but also the United States General Motors (GE), Siemens, ABB, Schneider global procurement suppliers. Through continuous development, Beijing Furunda Group has become the domestic composite materials, insulation materials industry, the most competitive and development potential of one of the enterprises.


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