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    January 2017 Management analysis and appointment of the General Assembly

    Date:Mar 17,2017

    On February 24, 2017, at 4:00 pm, all the managers of the Furunda Group conducted a work report meeting under the leadership of the assistant assistant Wang Ran. The meeting made a brief report on the operation of the Group's finance and the main work of the branches in January, The meeting is summarized as follows:

    The first part, the financial manager Wang Ying first analysis of the financial situation in January, the three companies orders are higher than the level of the same period last year, the hope that the three companies continue to target the company as a whole, do not slack, to continue efforts, To achieve the budget target at the beginning of the year.

    In the second part, Hou Shujie, Manager of the Integrated Management Department, summarized the work on various aspects of human resources. From the overall recruitment in January and the proportion of the existing staff were introduced, while the profitability of the staff were analyzed, and analysis of the cost of personnel and the value of matching.

    In the third part, the director of the R & D Center, Zhang Shouwen, reported on the overall work of the R & D center and analyzed the key work of the R & D project in January.

    The fourth part, the new Fu Runda, general manager of the company reported that in January the new Fu Runda company's key work content. Specific from the business data, work priorities, the main issues such as the analysis and reporting.

    In the fifth part, Zhang Lei, general manager of Furunda Chemical Company, reported on the analysis and reporting of key work contents, business statistics, key work summary and main problems of chemical companies in January.

    The sixth part, Fu Runde company sales manager Gao Feifei (on behalf of the general manager Wang Nan) for the work report in January, Fu Runde company's overall operation of the analysis. And puts forward some key problems in the work of Furun de.

    The seventh part, the final CEO of the meeting Qiu Bin also made an important speech, Qiu from the organizational structure, the appointment of cadres, the recent focus on the layout of the three aspects of the work and reporting.

     Qiu said that Fu Runda Group will be through the adjustment, the cohesion of all personnel, to form a concerted effort for the company's next development plan to lay a solid foundation for 2017 is to follow the market trend to make important initiatives.

       Finally, Qiu always encourage everyone, in the face of severe market situation, all team members always have to maintain a solid state of struggle, work together, one year to the next 20 years of efforts to forge ahead, create brilliant!

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